A parallelized prime number generator written in C.
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*** Indivisible ***
A parallelized prime number generator written in C. It uses a bignum
library as well as OpenMPI for parallelization.

# Building
## Dependencies
The dependencies for compiling are minimal, and should be available
on most UNIX-like systems:
 - GNU Make
 - GNU Multi-Precision Arithmetics Library (GMP)
 - OpenMPI

## Compiling
To compile you simply need to run the `make` command, which will
create the `indivisible` binary file. Additionally you can set the
following flags by appending them to the `make` command:
 - `DEBUG=<1|0>`: whether to create a debug or release build. (0 by
 - `PREFIX=<path>`: what base prefix to install the binaries at.
   (`/usr/local` by default)

# Contributing
To contribute to the project, please follow the same coding style you
see in the current code base. Then, either submit a pull request or send
a patch file to <nicolas@ortegas.org>.

# License
This project is licensed under the terms & conditions of the GNU General
Public License version 3 or greater (see `LICENSE` file).