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This is code that I've been writing for a basic kernel from the Writing a Simple Operating System from Scratch book.


I cross-compile from x86_64 to i686 on my machine. You will require i686-elf-gcc and nasm (as well as all the rest of the GNU binutils for i686) and you can run the final image using QEMU. To compile just run make.

Code Structure

  • boot/: code necessary for the boot process (i.e. loading the kernel and switching to 32-bit protected mode).
  • kernel/: code related to the kernel itself.
  • drivers/: interface code that simplifies interaction with hardware devices.
  • bin/: binary directory where final os-image is stored.


Since this code is made with the help of the above mentioned book so generously created (yet incomplete), I've licensed this repo under the Unlicense.