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A script helping to statically generate websites using a combination of PHP, HTML, and Markdown.


  • Bash
  • PHP


Synopsis: isidore <command> [options]


  • new <dir> <name>: create a new project directory <dir> with project name <name>.
  • build: build the website (default).
  • clean: cleans build files.
  • help: show help information.
  • version: show Isidore version number.

New Project

When you create a new project with Isidore it will create the following directory structure:

  • <dir>/: the project directory.
    • site/: contains the pages to be compiled.
    • templates/: templates that can be used in site/ and can also be compiled.
    • output/: output directory of compiled HTML files.
    • config.php: configuration file with Isidore configuration and global variables.


Currently the project is still under heavy development. The idea isn't to create some massive static site generator project, as projects like this already exist (e.g. Hugo). The point is to create a simple program with very little functionality, that a user can then manually edit to add extra functionality. Though I may consider adding a directory in the project containing patch files if anyone ever wants to send one in.

In any case, if you want to contribute towards the development of the project, please take a look at what needs to be done in the roadmap, or check if there are any to-do comments in the code:

grep -r "TODO" src/

This project is licensed under the terms & conditions of the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (see the license file) for more information.