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MMMCalc is a program I made after school one day after having to learn about Mean, Median, and Mode for the thousandth time. So instead of doing my actual homework I decided to make this program which would do it for me. Of course, the program with this is that your teachers often ask you to show your work. Well, fear not! For MMMCalc shows you its work. After it does its calculations, if you turn on verbose mode (by using the -v argument) it will show you how MMMCalc got to that answer that it's giving you. After going through Mean, Median, and Mode (the reason why this program is called MMMCalc) I decided to add a few other basic statistical properties to it.

I hope this helps someone to make their millionth time of doing Mean, Median, and Mode in school a little less of a pain in the ass.


MMMCalc uses CMake to compile. Please install the C development tools and CMake (along with whichever build script you plan on having CMake generate) in order to run this command.

$ cd build/
$ cmake ..
$ make


To contribute, simply open a pull request, however, be aware that this code is licensed under a GNU GPLv3 and so will yours.


All code in this repository is under the GNU GPLv3.