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*** SAUS ***
Scripted AUdio Software is a command-line tool for real-time scripted
audio filtering via JACK audio inputs. The user writes scripts which
modify the frequency and amplitude of the sound waves coming from the
JACK input.

# Building
## Dependencies
To build the project you will require the following dependencies:
  * GNU Make
  * C99 compatible compiler
  * JACK2
  * GNU Readline

There exists a `checkdeps.sh' script that can be used to check if you
have all the dependencies installed, although it is not fully

## Compiling
To compile the project simply run the `make' command in the root
directory of the project. By default this will create a release build
with compiler optimizations. To compile with debug flags append
`DEBUG=1' to the `make' command.

# License
This project is licensed under the terms & conditions of the GNU Affero
General Public License version 3 or greater (see `LICENSE' file for more